DANIALAND offers you unforgettable moments and for the first time in Morocco with a new means of transportation.


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    • cable car

    To access the cable car, please click here.

    7/7 from 10am to midnight


    - Gondolas are designed to carry the public in potentially harsh conditions.
    - The gondolas can be operated without difficulty in wind conditions of up to 72 km/h.

    Monitoring devices allow the detection of any operating anomaly or maladjustment of the aircraft. Depending on the nature of the fault, an alarm allows the operations manager to take action and schedule an intervention.

    - Standard: maximum capacity 8 seats
    - VIP: 4 seats

    - Standard: 8 seats
    - VIP: personalised welcome, comfortable leather seats with a minibar plus Bluetooth integration on your cabin, music, a gift as a souvenir.

    The maximum capacity of the standard cabin is 8 people. For the VIP cabins 4.

    Tickets are available at the ticket office.

    Soon on our website

    - The premises, gondolas and waiting areas are regularly cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.
    - Our employees are trained in hygiene and are committed to respecting the rules of hygiene.